Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Very Independent Brady

Today, Brady and I went to the YMCA, and again I dropped him off at the day care. This time there wasn't even a whimper when I handed him over. I spent an hour and a half working out and when I came back he saw me but didn't care very much. When the caregiver said, "Brady it's time to go home." He looked at me and started crying. As bad as that made me feel, it really showed that he's independent. We plan to send him to pre-school when we get back from Germany at 2 1/2, even if only for two days a week so he can get used to the environment and it's good for him to socialize with other kids, so it's good to know that he can hold his own when I'm not with him. He doesn't need me nearby. Speaking of Germany, Andy got word that his first day of work in Germany will be January 24, so we will be headed over there a few days before then. It's good to finally have a date, rather than just the ballpark of late Jan/early Feb. This would also mean we get out of Europe just days before the rush of people flying in for the London 2012 Summer Olympics.

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