Monday, September 29, 2014

A Visit to the Spring House with Pap

We were in Pittsburgh at the end of September and Andy took his kids to visit his dad.  They went to the Spring House, which is a family farm and creamery not far from where Andy grew up.  I heard all about it from Brady when they got home, but had a lot of fun looking through all the pictures that Andy took.  I hope you do too.

 Looks like everyone had fun on the slide.

 Crazy climber number 1.  Crazy climber number 2 recently climbed the ladder onto Brady's top bunk.

 I love this picture because Andy made his dad carry all of the bags.

 This a great one of Izzie with her Pap.

Andy was amused that his dad fell off the hay stack when they hit a bump. 

 Pap got the kids a pumpkin.  This was the first one they got this season, the total count today is at four.

They had some really cool pumpkin displays.  Despicable Me is a personal favorite of Brady's.

 Izzie's favorite, Ariel.

 A favorite for both my kids and the majority of kids across the country, Frozen.

Thursday, September 18, 2014

Michigan Renaissance Festival

In mid-September, we decided to go to the Michigan Renaissance Festival with our friends and neighbors, the Krause family.  They go every year and we hadn't been yet since moving to Michigan, though I'd been the the one outside of Pittsburgh growing up.  Since there's only one for the entire state, it was quite large, and we knew to get there as soon as it opened.  It was a little over an hour drive north from where we live and we spent a good part of the day there.  As we were leaving in mid-afternoon, the line of cars just to get into the parking lot stretched for miles leading back to the highway.

Brady was asked to dance in the opening ceremony.

 The Queen

Brady and Sophia with a couple of fairies. 

Getting rings from the Queen. 

 King Brady

 King Brady with Queen Sophia

 Princess Izzie

 Shooting a bow and arrow.

 Brady had to catch the leprechaun in order to get chocolate gold coins.

 With a knight.

 Meeting a mermaid

 Brady got sprinkled with fairy dust.  This was before he got beer poured on him, poor kid.

 Andy on the Iron Throne.

 The jousting show.  We sat on the benches waiting for 45 min before the show started so we would have seats and there was a lot of talking and joking and not much action, so my kids lost interest quickly.