Friday, May 13, 2011

Happy Birthday Andy!!

Yesterday, Andy turned 28. This is the third day in the last 5 days that presents have been exchanged. Early May is always very busy for us with Mother's Day, our anniversary, and Andy's birthday. Andy has been waiting patiently all week to find out what he was getting. He always tries to guess and even if he's right, I tell him that's not it. This year I got him totally off guard. I got him a Kinect sensor for his Xbox360. It was piece of video gaming equipment that he doesn't have and I knew he'd like it. I also got him a sports game for it as well. When he opened it up, he was genuinely surprised and excited to try it out immediately. It was funny because two days earlier, we were watching The Biggest Loser and they were promoting their new game for Kinect and I said to Andy, "We should get a Kinect." He replied, "Not before Germany." I was smiling to myself because I knew he was going to get one.

Yesterday, Brady and I were at Gymboree and his teacher pulled me aside and said he was developmentally ready to move up to the next level. He currently is in the level for 10-16 month olds and he is the only one running everywhere and successfully climbing up the ladder with little help. There are other kids his age in our class, but some aren't even walking yet. There are many crawlers and he has a tendency not to look where he's going and sometimes walks right over them. The next level is for 16-22 month olds and the corporate policy says they can't move a child to the next level a full month early and Brady is 5 weeks away from turning 16 months. She said we can move him up in two weeks and then he'll be the youngest again.

Lately, Brady has started taking all the pillows off of the couches and placing them strategically around the living room and kitchen. He then backs up 6-10 feet, then gets a running start and leaps into the pillows. Last night, he was even carrying a blanket around and doing the same thing. Sometimes, he tries to run so fast to jump on the pillows that his feet get caught up and he falls way short of the pillows. He is such a wild man!

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