Friday, August 2, 2013

Five Months Old - Izzie B

Izzie is now five months old!  She gets more fun every day and loves to make us smile.  This past month was easily the hottest one so far in her life.  We had two straight weeks of 90+ degree days with heat indexes on those days over 100 degrees.  We spent many of those days at the pool cooling off.  Now the temps are in the high 70s and in comparison, it feels like we need long pants and sweatshirts outside.

 Brady still loves his baby sister and she loves him.  Any time he comes near or talks to her, she's all smiles and laughs.

She's discovering her love of technology.  She loves the buttons on the TV remote and won't focus on eating if she sees the iPad or iPhone out of the corner of her eye.  I can just see us in six months of so with both kids fighting to see who gets the sole iPad in the house.

 She's getting closer and closer to sitting up all by herself.  I keep the boppy behind her as she still likes to throw herself backwards occasionally.

And there are times where she reaches for a toy at her feet and topples over forward.  She's a master at rolling all the way across the floor.

 She started the month sleeping swaddled with her arms out.  Since then, we've move to no swaddle.  Sometimes she sleeps the whole night and other times she'll get up once or more.

A big chunk of the last month was spent on our vacation where Izzie went to the beach for the first time.

She's still much chunkier than Brady was probably ever.  She moved into 6-9 month and 6-12 month bathing suits this month and even fit into the 6-9 month romper I had bought by mistake.  She does fit in almost everything in 3-6 months, so they haven't gone to waste.  She's still in size 2 diapers, but will likely be moving into the size 3's by next week. She doesn't go back to the doctor until next month, so I weighed her myself at home.  She was exactly 16lbs according to my scale.  Brady was 16lbs 10oz at six months, so I'm sure she'll beat him out when she gets officially weighed next month.

 Monthly owl sticker!

 Reaching to get me while taking her picture.

 Being sneaky and pulling at her sticker.

At the end, she decided it was time to put her feet in her mouth.

A comparison of all months so far.