Sunday, July 17, 2011

Virginia Beach - Margie and Ray's & Motor World

Thursday night at the beach is usually reserved for our second meal out. For the past 10 years or more, we have been going to a local one-of-a-kind seafood restaurant that's named Margie and Ray's. My parents usually get what is called a Hurricane Margie, which is a two-person platter that contains fried fish, fried scallops, fried oysters, fried clams, fried shrimp, hush puppies, and fries. Alex and Lauren also got the same dish to share. Andy and I aren't into eating a lot of those things, so we got to pick and choose to create our own platters for us as individuals. I got a crab cake, fried clams, and fried shrimp, while Andy got a crab cake, grilled shrimp, and grilled scallops. Brady of course ate everything that anyone would give to him.

As per our Thursday night tradition, after dinner, we head to Motor World where they have mini-golf and go-karts. Usually we only do one round of mini-golf (they have two courses) and then move on to the go-karts. We go
t two rounds of golf and with all the stairs, my mom only made it 7 holes (she just had knee replacement surgery) and by hole 11, Brady was screaming to be let out of his stroller. We finished the first round (Andy won) and decided to come back another day to finish the other round. We moved on to go-karts, where Alex and Lauren got tickets for go-karts. We tried to get Brady to do the walking on water thing where they get inside a big plastic bubble, then go out into the water, but he wouldn't have it. They inflate the bubble while you're in it, so he was reluctant to get into the plastic bag (which I suppose is a good thing at this age). We instead let him do the game where they pick a duck and win a prize. Everyone gets a prize and he got a blue ball. He liked to sit in the model Ferrari race car and didn't like to share with other kids when they wanted a turn. I got to race once with Alex, but he started behind me and almost lapped me twice because he got a super fast car. Alex, Lauren, Andy, and I went back on Friday night to do the second round of golf and Alex ended up winning. Andy wasn't too happy about that since he was leading until about hole 11 when he started falling apart.

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