Saturday, May 21, 2011

Uncle Pat & Aunt Leecie Visit

Andy's brother, Patrick, and his girlfriend, Chaleece, came to visit us yesterday. They spent the night with us before heading to Myrtle Beach this morning. It was really nice of them to come to see us because it was a little out of the way. They came yesterday right after Brady's nap and he was very happy to play with them and show them all of his tricks. It was funny when they came because I heard their car doors and said to Brady "what's that?" He immediately went to the laundry room door, expecting daddy, but I told him it wasn't daddy, so he went to the window and peeked out the shades. He's so used to just looking out and when he saw someone there, he came back a little freaked out.

We drove up to California Dreaming for dinner in Greenville. It's a great restaurant that's a chain only located in SC, GA, and AL. On the car ride up there, Brady started saying the word no for the very first time. It took me a minute to realize what he was saying. He started saying it over and over again and it was so cute that we were all laughing and encouraging him to say it more (in hindsight that might have been a bad idea). Dinner was great and when we got home, we put Brady to bed. We all played a game of Scene It on the XBox (Andy won of course, which isn't fair because he started as a film major), then we moved onto the Kinect. It was hilarious because Chaleece was determined to beat Andy's high scores and when she did, Andy would get fired up and try again. Chaleece still has the high score for the whack-a-troll. We all sat down to play a game of Phase 10 Twist, then separated so the boys played NCAA Football and Chaleece and I played Rummi 500. Andy and I both lost our best out of 3 match-ups and we ended up staying up until 3AM! It was really great having them here and we wish they could have stayed longer.

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