Sunday, March 9, 2014

Izzie B's Owl Themed 1st Birthday Party!

Yesterday, we had Izzie's 1st birthday party here at our house.  I had fallen in love with owls while pregnant with Izzie (as you already all know) and decided before she was born to do her first birthday in an owl theme.  I have been pinning ideas on Pinterest since then and had amassed quite a lot.  I had to pick and choose my favorites.  Above you can see the cake (again another cupcake creation).  We invited all of our friends and family and almost everyone invited near and far was able to make it and create an amazing memory for all of us.

These were the individual cupcakes to go with the main cake.  Lauren, Alex's girlfriend, gets major credit for helping me put them together.

Izzie's godmother, Jenn (aka Dunny), came up from Pittsburgh to be with us and she did a ton of the prep work with me the night before and morning of the party.  She and Lauren, put together these owl s'mores.

It was all hands on deck that morning.  My brother, Alex, even got to work and made the veggie pizza.

Party guest starting to arrive and play.

The happy birthday girl.

I put Chaleece (Andy's brother, Patrick's, girlfriend, and Izzie's godmother), in charge of the craft.  I had put together the owls the night before with lots of help from Dunny, and then the kids put their handprints on them to make the wings.

Nana with the birthday girl.

Andy's brothers Chris and Patrick, with Chaleece looking at Izzie's 1st year scrapbooks.

Andy's dad, Joe (aka Pap), and step-mom, Lori (aka LaLa).

Dunny and Andy's step-sister, Kathryn.

Brady, in addition to some of the kids and even an adult or two, really got into the owl theme and sported owls on their clothing.

Time for presents!

Books and a My Little Pony from Sam and Ainsley.  We asked friends and family who didn't have any gift ideas already for summer pajamas and books as we are overflowing with toys and having Christmas so close to both kids' birthdays.

Summer jammies from Izzie's baby friend, Leila.

I know my eyes are closed in this one, but the Minnie clothes were too cute not to share.  They were from Izzie's Uncle Jimmy and Aunt Kat.  They know how excited we are about our upcoming Disney trip.

Getting ready to open Brady's present to Izzie.

She loves all of the Fisher Price Laugh and Learn toys Brady had as a baby and she got a bunch of the more girly ones for Christmas.  They came out with a few new ones after Christmas and I was dying to get her that lamp.  It took quite a bit of convincing to get Brady to pick it at the toy store.

Brady also got her a talking Izzy (not spelled the same, but she doesn't know that) from Jake & the Neverland Pirates on Disney Junior and we got her a hooded owl beach towel.

The big present from us.

We had decided to get her a Cozy Coupe because Brady got his Power Wheels last year and they would each have a car their own speed this summer.

Time for cake!

She was so happy when we started singing to her.

I helped her blow out her candle.

It took no convincing to get her to eat her cupcake.

Her 1st birthday balloon.

Andy bought Izzie flowers for her birthday while he was out getting the cake that morning.  I love the colors and thought it was so sweet that he got his little girl flowers.  He's certainly setting the bar high for any boyfriends down the road.

These were some of the favors that we handed out to the kids at the party.  I got them handmade from a seller on Etsy and am in love with them!

The aftermath after everyone went home.  In addition to the presents show, Izzie got lots more books, some beautiful summer clothes, an Ariel castle, a potty, more pajamas, and a play picnic basket.

Chillin' out after the guests had gone home.  My mom, Dunny, Alex, and Lauren were staying at our house, so we just vegged out, watching TV and snacking.  Alex and Lauren took Brady to the fish store where they had ordered a new fish to take home with them.

Owl bum bum pants! 

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