Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Mother's Day!

First off, I want to say that today is not only Mother's Day, but my baby brother, Chris's 19th birthday. So happy birthday Chris!!! We miss you, even though we can't blame you for loving California so much. Also, I wish a very happy Mother's Day to all the other mothers out there, including my own mom, who has been a mom for 25 years.

This is my second Moth
er's Day. Last year, we had a marathon of events and didn't get to spend much time relaxing. My brother, Alex, graduated from college that morning, and it also happened to be mine and Andy's 1st wedding anniversary. We spent the whole day away from home and it was so hectic, there aren't many memories. This year, our anniversary will fall tomorrow and we are far from family, so we can just enjoy simply Mother's Day. Brady (with Andy's help of course) picked out some presents for me earlier in the week and we sat down together this morning to open them. The card from Brady was a talking Elmo card that said "Elmo loves you!" The first gift I opened was a Mother's Day coupon book, which entitled me to things such as, hugs and kisses, relaxation, a day without doing laundry, a movie, etc. The next gift was a beautiful palmetto tree (the SC state symbol) pendant. It's a beautiful momento of our time spent living in South Carolina and I'll remember our life here every time I wear it. The final gift from Brady was a Precious Moments figurine (I have collected several over the past few years). It had a little boy at the beach and had the words "Footprints in the Sand" as the caption at the bottom. That refers to a little religious poem about how God is always along side of you and you only see one set of footprints, when he's carrying you. This poem is ever present in our home as a wall hanging that belonged to Andy's mom and we also have it on an ornament at Christmas. Andy knows this is one of my favorite poems and in addition to my love of the beach, helped Brady pick out the perfect figurine.

The ultimate gift I received for Mother's Day came last n
ight. Brady was getting sleepy and was laying down watching TV with Andy. He started whining and when I looked over, he was headed towards me, crawled up on my couch and fell asleep in arms. He hardly ever falls asleep outside of his crib or car seat and is such a Daddy's boy that it makes me a little sad sometimes. It was an amazing feeling to know that he wanted to cuddle with me.

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