Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Keeping it Fresh

Someone told me a long time ago that it's a good idea to rotate toys so that kids don't get overwhelmed with too many toys, and don't get bored and need new toys. This creates the illusion of new toys every few months because the kid has forgotten about them. Brady has more than his fair share of toys, being the only grandchild and great-grandchild on both sides, in addition to having his birthday and Christmas fall 60 days apart. Last night, Brady was being crabby and we hadn't changed toys in a while (since his birthday). We pulled out a Fisher Price learning piano toy that he got for Christmas and was still in the box. He was thrilled. We haven't even hooked it up to the TV for more learning opportunities. He played with it all last night and all this morning. It has several modes, so the keys can teach different things depending on the mode. It's surprisingly lightweight (maybe 2lb), so it's something that we can easily take it to Germany. What's crazy is that there are at least two toys that we still haven't opened from Christmas and his birthday, so there are actually new toys that will be introduced before we have to start reintroducing old toys as new. I'm already thinking forward to next Christmas and planning on all lightweight things so that he doesn't get them and then have to leave them behind less than a month later when we leave for Germany. It's really limiting, but he's going to see so many things most 2 year-olds don't get to experience, so it evens out in the end.

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