Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Brady's 15 Month Doctor Visit

Today, we went to the doctor for Brady's 15 month doctor visit. This was our first time at our new doctor and there were some gaps in communication that had me very frustrated. When we got there, we were 3 minutes late, but that was enough for them to say that we'd "missed" our appointment and had to wait until there was an open spot. This meant we had to wait around for an hour in a waiting room with no toys. While I was filling out new patient forms, the receptionist told me that they didn't have Brady's medical records. I was furious because I had called the old pediatrician and they refused to fax them and instead wanted a written request to have the records released. I put that in the mail a whole month ago. When we got back to the room a nurse told us that they did in fact have his records, but were confused about his 12 month vaccinations. They wanted to know where the record of him having his MMR, Hep A, and chicken pox vaccines were. I told them that he didn't get those yet and they told me that on their schedule, kids get those vaccines at 12 months, so he would have to get them today.

Brady was happy until someone dared to touch him, and then he screamed so loud I swear he was going to burst my eardrums. He even screamed while he was getting weighed. It was cute that they gave him a little gown to wear for his exam. The doctor also gave him a cute little board book to keep. He weighed in at 22lb. 6oz (20th percentile) and 31.5 inches (60th percentile). His length was the same from his 12 month visit so he's becoming a little more proportionate. The doctor told me not to worry about his weight percentile because they've had to adjust it because of obesity. He also said that Brady's eating habits are completely typical of a toddler, where they could eat a huge meal one day and then almost nothing the next. That was great to hear. He had 4 shots (2 in his arms and 2 in his legs). We go back in 3 month for a physical and in 6 months to get the second round of MMR and Hep A vaccines.

Brady says 5 words:


After the doctor appointment, Brady and I ventured down to Georgia to go to the outlets. I made a killing. We've been shopping the sales and clearances for clothes for Brady for next summer because we will have to take everything he needs with us when we leave for Germany because we only get a certain weight to ship via air freight and if we use it all up and buy him summer clothes when we get there, we'll exceed the weight coming home and have to pay the extra.

Here's a list of everything I got:

5 pairs of pants
5 pairs of shorts
4 T-shirts
1 collared shirt
1 pair of pajamas
1 Christmas onesie
1 pair of Crocs for the beach

I got everything listed for $100!

When we got back from Georgia, we met up with Andy for lunch at Long John Silvers, which is a rare treat for us. We had a great lunch, and of course we let Brady ring the bell when we left.

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