Thursday, May 26, 2011

Our Magical Sippy Cup Finder

Brady is very good about letting us know when he wants a drink by going to the fridge and reaching for the handle, and always insists on having a sippy cup in the car (we give him water in the car because milk wouldn't last the whole time we're out and we try to limit his apple juice intake). When we give him a sippy of milk in the house, we try to keep track of it because we don't want it to sit out too long. He's so active that sometimes we have a hard time finding it. Today, Andy asked Brady where his sippy was and normally, Brady just heads to the fridge, which is where he expects it to be. He turned around and went under the couch and pulled out his sippy! We thought it was a fluke until after bath, when we were once again looking for his milk and Andy asked him to get it again. We were standing in the kitchen and he went into the family room, behind the couch towards the computer desk and walked back out with his sippy. He left it there before he had his bath so he actually remembered where he'd left it! We were amazed.

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