Monday, May 16, 2011

Brady Rides a Watermelon

Every week, I buy tons of fruit. I usually get at least one watermelon, more than a dozen navel oranges, a stem of grapes, and some bananas for the boys. This week was the first week that they had out good cantaloupes and honeydew melons, so I bought those too. Brady is a big fan of all of these fruits and usually gets first taste when Andy cuts them up. He will whine if we don't share with him, when we sit down with a bowl of fruit. Andy laid the watermelon on the ground for Brady to play with and he tried to pick it up several times, but couldn't even get it an inch of the floor, which wasn't too surprising. He then proceeded to roll it around the living room and eventually, tried to ride. He's such a silly little boy. He's becoming very good at using the word "done." He'll tell us when he's done eating or drinking from his sippy cup. Today, I put him down for nap and could hear him on the monitor just saying done over and over. I wanted him to realize that his words mean something and that I understand him, so I came in and got him out of his crib and he proceeded to play for another hour or so. When I laid him back down, he didn't try getting out by saying done, which meant he was ready for nap.

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