Thursday, April 25, 2013

Lilliput Play Homes Town Center

On Monday, we were still in Pittsburgh and we wanted to get out of the house and do something fun with Brady.  While it was decently warm outside, it wasn't quite warm enough for us to want to spend the whole day outside, especially with Izzie.  I googled some indoor activities (beyond the obvious museums downtown) and my search brought up this place called Lilliput Play Homes Town Center.  Lilliput Homes makes these really expensive play homes, but at some storefront locations, have play areas for kids on weekdays.  We decided to check it out.

It was really cute and had all these pretend play situations for kids.  Above is the beauty parlor and all of them had cute proprietor names to go with the theme of the house.  You can see this one is Anita Makeover.

Brady loves all emergency vehicles, so he was over the moon when he saw the play fire engine.

Donning the fireproof jacket and hat.  The tiny firehouse also had a firehose.

Brady was one of only three kids there that day (all boys).  He's never been shy and soon was calling to them, "Come on guys!" 

I thought it was cool that the trolley had a slide inside. 

Bring in fruit from the stand just outside the market. 

Inside the ice cream parlor. 

Izzie B got into the action as well.  She's waiting for Brady to bring her ice cream. 

Reporting for work ;) 

Looks like Izzie is partial to mint chocolate chip.

We drag her just about everywhere, but she's a good sport about it. 

Brady had just gotten his hair cut a few days prior, so the beauty parlor held a particular interest for him.  He's seen above curling Izzie's hair.

The blow dryer. 

Time to wet it down. 

Next, he wanted his hair done and Nana was more than happy to join in.  Although the houses were plenty tall inside, the doorways were another matter.  I think we both smacked our heads a few times. 

 Brady really wanted the makeup and when Nana told him that's what it was, he replied, "No, it's paint!"

He truly adores his baby sister and insisted that she get into the car with him. 

He's making noises like an engine trying to turn over.  It was hilarious! 

Stamping mail at the post office.  Nana asked a few times where her letter was.  She's still waiting lol.


  1. Apparently you can have birthday parties there.

  2. What a cute place! I love the pictures of Izzie sitting at the ice cream parlor. Too cute.

  3. Thanks for posting these pics! I saw it last night, and booked a birthday party here for next weekend! I blog at Diary of a First Time Mom in Pittsburgh and thought this was closed, since the other location shut down. So excited that it's up and running!