Thursday, May 19, 2011

Big Boy Bath for Brady

The last time Brady was in the bath, he started to try to stand up in his aqua ring. When that happens, is when the instructions say it's no longer safe to be used. So, tonight we decided to try the bath without the aqua ring, with much less water, of course. It went really well. Brady sat down and played with his bath toys for the first few minutes, then started to crawl around, and eventually stood up and walked around. By the end of the bath, he started to lay down and kick with his legs and scoop with his arms, just like when we took swim classes back in Michigan. It was great to see that he knew enough to keep his mouth out of the water and even remembered how to swim, even though it's been a little over 4 months since his last lesson. I can't wait for the pools to open in a little over two weeks. The local YMCA offers family summer memberships and they have a pool area for kids that's similar to something you'd see at a water park with spraying and a mushroom that water pours down from. I'm sure Brady's going to love it!

After his bath, Brady saw the laundry basket I was using and decided to climb in. Andy saw this as an opportunity, and picked up the basket, Brady and all. Brady was content to sit in the basket and be carried around. He even took his pre-bedtime
sippy while in the basket.

Earlier, Andy got a birthday card from his Uncle Buks and it was a musical card that played the Monday Night Football theme song when you opened it. Brady loved it! He walked around for over an hour, opening and closing it to hear the song over and over. It reminded me of the opening of the movie "Easy A," where the girl gets a musical card for her birthday and plays it over and over again all weekend until the batteries ran out.

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