Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Brady Takes a Tumble

Brady is crazy. He's had more than his fare share of spills, as many of you know. Well, tonight he was moving around and playing like usually, not even taking a moment to breathe. He has a Winnie the Pooh arm chair that he got for his birthday and thinks its quite funny to stand on it. Well, he started to stand on it and I told him to sit, which he did. This continued about 6 or 7 times, each time, when he sat down he'd give me a devilish look that let me know he was going to stand again. The last time he stood, he decided he was really funny and started jumping up and down. He wasn't paying much attention and never sees the danger in things, so he somehow turned sideways and fell backwards over the chair arm and onto the floor. Fortunately, we were skyping with Nana at the time, so we have a witness. The best part was that because we were on skype, there was a slight delay and he'd already hit the ground by the time Nana had time to gasp. There was no thud and he landed on his back, so no head injury. He was more surprised than hurt, although he did cry a little. Andy was disappointed that he wasn't filming in that moment because it would have been a great entry for America's Funniest Home Videos. He grabbed the camera and tried to coax Brady into the chair, but he didn't want to go near it again. Maybe, he's learned his lesson, but on the other hand, still tries to jump off the changing table if he gets the chance. There's never a dull moment in the Trapuzzano house.

Brady got a Winnie the Pooh rider for Christmas from Nana and it sits next to his crib, so before he falls asleep or when he gets up, he plays with the buttons and starts the music. I heard him playing with it and came in to get him after nap. He didn't get up right away to greet me, but was still on his stomach, reaching through the bars to play with his rider. He had his hand on the small miniature of Pooh and I asked him "Is that Pooh Bear?" He immediately stood up and pointed to the opposite corner of the room where a Winnie the Pooh pillow was sitting. I was a little surprised because we don't watch much Winnie the Pooh since it's not on TV much. He knows Mickey Mouse and will get his stuffed Mickey when asked, so I was really surprised that he knew Pooh Bear.

This evening, I got a surprised when my friend Bethany Reese called me! We met when our husbands started at Bosch in Michigan, but we moved to South Carolina and they got to stay for another 6 months. Her daughter, Ainsley, and Brady got along really well and we really miss them, especially since they had a little boy, Sam, a little over a month ago. We hadn't really talked since we visited Detroit at the end of March, so it was really great to hear from her. I've not really made the same kind of connection with anyone down here. We talked about their upcoming move to Chicago and the possibility of them coming to Germany at the same time we go. That would be so great and they should hopefully know one way or the other by September. It would be really great to go with a friend and get to do some traveling around Europe.

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