Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Maritime Museum & River Walk - Savannah

Sunday, we headed back to downtown Savannah to check out the Maritime Museum. It was in an old historical building that had three floors, each one dedicated to a different exhibit. The main floor had scale models of ships throughout Savannah's history. There were ones that were from the 1700s, all the way up to the 1900s. The scale was 3/8" to every 1 foot. It was amazing looking at old ships.

The upper level was dedicated to maritime memorabilia. There were rooms with artifacts for navigation, sailor's life at sea, and much more. The basement contained a replica of the bridge of a ship. Brady got to spin the "ship's" wheel. There were also tons of ships in a bottle. It's awesome to look at some of them that ar
e really intricate and realize that someone did that with two sticks with hooks on the end. I certainly wouldn't have the patience for that.

After our visit to the Maritime Museum, we walked to the River Walk to check out the shops and stroll along the riverside. It's all old brick roads that are gorgeous. It's so nice to have that old time feel and Andy said it reminded him of Boston. There were tents set up along the river of little vendors and this where we bought a box of chocolate pralines at the sweet shop. There were lots of little shops
where you could get souvenirs and I got a Christmas ornament and shirts for all of us to remember our trip.

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