Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Lunch on Tybee Island - Savannah

Sunday afternoon, we were looking for a place to get lunch before heading north for two hours to Charleston. Andy was looking though the Savannah guide we'd picked up at the Visitor's Center and saw a couple of seafood places out on Tybee Island. It's 15 minutes east of Savannah and on the ocean. Savannah is located on the river and I compare the terrain to New Orleans because it's marshy and located on a delta. All was good until we hit about 9 miles from the island where we hit wall-to-wall traffic. We instantly realized our error. It was the day before a holiday and everyone was trying to get to the beach. Two lane roads kept becoming one lane as we went over several bridges on the way to the island. It took us an hour to go those remaining 9 miles, and by the time we got there, we were starving.

We ate a little place off the side of the road that
was simply named The Crab Shack. They had a little alligator exhibit outside the restaurant and of course Brady was laughing and smiling at them. They were way lower than that walkway, so there was no danger (they were babies) when Brady decided he wanted to reach his arm in. I got deviled crab served in the shell and Andy got the sampler platter. It was huge! He amused himself by taking the crawfish and pretending to have them crawl at Brady. Brady even played with a mussel shell when Andy had finished eating it.

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