Saturday, July 16, 2011

Family Beach Pictures

It's a yearly tradition for us to take pictures on the beach. It's something that started when I was a kid and that's what my mom usually used on her Christmas cards. Andy and I first went to the beach together one year after we started dating, and were engaged, so it was an informal engagement picture that we used for our beach-themed wedding.

The next year, we were at the beach in Hawaii on our honeymoon. We also lived in Ocean City, NJ for the first three months of our marriage while Andy completed his internship at the Press of Atlantic City.

Last year was our first year that we had Brady with

This year, Brady was not too cooperative in taking pictures. We had already been down at the beach that day, had come back to the house to shower, and came back down for pictures. Brady wanted to be put down so he could run
into the water. We managed to get one good one when my mom started playing peek-a-boo behind my dad.

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