Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sick Little Baby Boy

Poor Brady started showing signs of a cold on Thursday night. He had a few coughs, but we didn't think much of it until it was really hard to get him to go to bed. He would sleep for an hour, then get up crying. We gave him some Tylenol after a few times waking up like this and thankfully, he slept through the night. Friday morning is our Gymboree day and as long as he was medicated, he seemed pretty happy, so we decided to go. Any time he laughed, you could hear rasping in his chest and that always freaks me out because my brothers were his age when they were both diagnosed with illness-induced asthma.

We got home from Gymboree and he only wanted to get into his crib. At this point, he'd only eaten a handful of goldfish and drank half a sippy of apple juice. Anyone who knows Brady knows that he can down an entire sippy of apple juice in less than 5 minutes. He slept for 45 minutes, then woke up screaming and laid in bed with me for an hour watching TV. He is never still for that long. I put him back down and he slept for another hour. We played the same nighttime dance and around midnight he finally went down for the rest of the night.

This morning, he took a shower with Andy (which he loves) because I figured that the hot air would help loosen him up. He didn't want to get out. We went to weight watchers to weigh-in and as soon as we got out of the car he started crying. It was so sad because his cries are so raspy. It broke my heart. As soon as we came home, he wanted to go to bed and is still out, which is a vast improvement on the past few days of sleeping. We had plans to go out to dinner tonight (we usually do lunch out on Saturdays), but if he's still too crabby, we'll have to put that on hold. Hopefully, he feels better after his nap and is all better by the start of next week.

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