Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Chef Brady

Brady is very attached to Andy and since Andy is the cook in our house, Brady likes to hang out in the kitchen while Andy cooks dinner. We are trying to keep him out because as he gets taller and stronger, the more dangers that arise. He holds onto the oven handle and when he lifts his feet off of the ground, his entire body weight can open the oven. He once did this while it was on and thankfully, no harm came to him. If he's tall enough to reach the oven handle, that means he could probably get his fingertips on the stove top and get burnt. One of the solutions we have come up with is to have him eating a little snack in his high chair while Andy cooks. Another is to keep him in his gate. One night, he reached up on the counter top after dinner was over and pulled down an oven mitt. He didn't know what to do with it, but once we showed him it went on his hand, he thought it was hilarious. He must have walked around with it on his hand for half an hour. We were joking last night after seeing a commercial for Easy Bake Oven that Brady would probably think it was unfair for girls to get all the treats and might even want one himself. Andy said he was ok if Brady ever wanted one, but he would spray paint it blue ;)

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