Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Box Head Brady

Brady has always been fond of boxes. I mean, what kid isn't? He was particularly cranky after a nap on Saturday, so after we got him settled down with some Goldfish, the box was empty. We shop for things like that at Sams Club so there is hardly ever an empty box because the boxes are so large. I thought it might be fun to cut some eye holes in it and then Brady could wear it as a mask. Andy started to cut out the holes, but soon realized that the box would constantly shift and he'd have to make one large hole so Brady could actually see. Brady was reluctant to put the box over his head, so Andy showed him how it worked. He then was very excited to try it out for himself. He even got me to try it on once or twice. Two days later, the box is still a source of entertainment for Brady.

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