Sunday, October 9, 2011

Brady Feeds the Ducks

Friday after nap, we figured there was a couple of hours before Andy made it home for the weekend, so I decided that I'd take Brady to the local park where there is a really large wooden play structure for kids. Brady could see it from inside the car, so he was ready to get out and play. He's very physical, so he loves anywhere where he can run and climb. He headed right for the toddler play area (we'd never been there before, so he must have really good instincts). There are wood chips covering the ground, so he lost his footing a few times and fell flat, but got up and dusted off without any crying. He rode in the swing and then heard ducks beyond the fence. He was so excited because he loves ducks. He spent some time playing on the structures and even headed to the older kid part and went all the way up to the top by himself and came down the spiral slide.

He thought I was tricking him into leaving when I said we could go look at the ducks. We had to leave the confines of the play structure and he'd only seen them through the fence, so he thought we were leaving. When I got him close enough to the ducks, he settled down. He loved running right up to them (this kid has NO fear). He tried to make a break for the pond several times because he loves to swim, so I had to keep a close eye on him. Another mom was there with a little boy who was only a week younger than Brady and she let Brady have a piece of bread to feed the ducks w
ith. Brady started out just placing the bits of bread on the ground and letting the ducks come to it. He then started to get a little more bold and holding it out for them while they ate it out of his hand which had him laughing hysterically. One of the ducks I think got a bit of finger and then he was a little nervous about them getting too close, but he got over it pretty quick. He would run around with a piece of bread in his hand and would get frustrated when they didn't notice him. When we got home, we noticed Brady had a small splinter in his hand and Andy removed it with tweezers. Brady held still and didn't even scream, so he handled his first splinter removal extremely well! We had a great time and will definitely be back since the weather here stays very nice well into November, if not longer ;)

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