Monday, October 3, 2011

Brady in a Box

Like most kids, Brady would rather play with an empty box than toys. One evening, we were refilling his diaper holder in Brady's room and that left us with an empty Huggies box. As soon as he was changed, Brady came charging out of his room and when he saw the box, his eyes lit up. He was carrying it around, placing toys in it, and then knocking it down to get the toys back out since his arms couldn't reach the bottom. He has always been fond of laundry baskets and we've carried him around in them several times, so Andy had the idea to put him in the box. It was a little hard to convince him to get in, but once he was in, he loved it. Andy carried him around for a while in it, but Brady is around 25lb, so the bottom fell out after a while. Andy put him in the box on the coffee table and that really confused Brady. Because the bottom had fallen out, we decided he could use it for a tunnel. It wouldn't stay up on its own, so we wedged it between his Pooh arm chair and the coffee table so it wouldn't collapse. He really loved it.

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