Friday, September 30, 2011

Brady Wears a Bra

Brady loves being in our room. He knows that it's Andy's routine to come home from work and go into our room to change, so as soon as he gets through the door, Brady opens the bedroom door for him and hangs out while he changes out of his work clothes. Sometimes there are baskets of laundry on the floor in our room and he likes to climb into them and lay down like it's a soft bed.

One day, he grabbed one of my sports bras out. He is always in my room when I'm changing and knows that I put that on. He start
ed trying to put it on and wasn't successful, so I helped him out. He was having a really good time playing with the pre-shaped cups. When I was little I had a Dress & Dazzle set for dress up and it was purple and blue. I was able to con both my brothers into this dress and have pictures of both of them in it around the same age (3 years old). I was going through things in my room at my parents house and found that I still have it, so I'm sure Brady will be the next boy in the family to have to play dress up with me ;)

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