Thursday, June 9, 2011

Brady's Sailor Suit Portraits

Starting with my dad, and continuing with me and my brothers, it's been a tradition for the kids around age 1 to have their portraits taken in a sailor suit. Andy thinks it's kind of silly, but I think sailor suits are adorable and Brady was adorable in his. We couldn't find the one my brothers wore as babies, so I had to buy Brady his own, but it was very similar to the one my brothers wore. I have the one I wore as a baby if we ever have any girls.
My dad (1957)

Me (1987)

My brother, Alex (1989)

Me and Alex (1989)

My brother, Chris (1993)

We assumed that this photo shoot would be similar to the other 4 we have done with Brady since he was born. He plays to the camera and smiles non-stop. We were wrong. The photographer put out a little wooden stool for h
im to sit on, and the second Andy placed him on it, there was screaming. It took about 10 minutes before we even got one picture taken. We had to keep taking breaks to get him in the area where we could get the photographer to snap photos. He kept wanting to play with all the toys the photographer had. In a way, it was an advantage to have less good ones to choose from since I go overboard when it comes to portraits, but I wish it had been easier. I really would have like to have some good ones of him sitting and smiling.

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  1. So Tom's family does the same tradition! Only it is 2 year old pictures. Ainsley had hers last summer, I don't know if you saw the picture sitting on my bookshelf. But they wanted her to wear the same dress they wore in the 80s with puffy long sleeves and a really short dress...I wish I could have bought her a new one because it looked so dated. But I'm the in-law and I don't argue with tradition. We'll see if Tom's old sailor suit looks dated on Sam in a couple of years too. Anyway, I think Brady looks adorable. Glad to see someone else does the same thing:)