Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Brady is Houdini

We had just gotten back from the gym, and I put Brady into his play pen so he would be contained while I took a shower. I came back after my shower, lifted him out of the play pen and changed his diaper in his room. I put him down and started to gather things together in his room for laundry. I walked out of his room and looked around the corner for him, and noticed he was back inside his play pen. I have NO idea how he got back in there! There's nothing around it to climb in, so I really don't know how he got in. I am still kind of trying to figure it out. I knew he was a sneaky kid, but not this sneaky.

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  1. so funny! what a mystery! Your trip looked like so much fun!!! Wish we could go! Guess what, we just found out that Chicago offices don't get 2 weeks off at Christmas because they aren't relying on the automotive factories which have it off. He thinks he only gets one day-the monday since Christmas and Christmas eve are on the weekend! What a rip off, huh? Do you? If so, I'm so jealous!