Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Mommy's Little Fishy

Last Thursday in swim class, they tied noodles around the kids' waists to try and get them to float enough to swim. Brady was fine as long as he was kicking, but as soon as he stopped, the noodle would make him flip onto his back. Over the weekend, we headed to the pool with Andy. Andy was apprehensive about going because the first time he came was great and the second time, Brady was in hysterics. I assured him that the past week and a half, Brady has been back to his normal self at the outdoor pool. We spent about an hour at the outdoor pool and Brady was loving it. He even went down the slide. Andy was amazed at how happy he was, since it completely opposite from the last time. We went into the indoor pool and I showed Andy how we tied noodles in class and let Brady swim like that for a while. He seemed to understand that in order to stay on his stomach, he had to keep kicking and would move forward on his own. Brady's swim teacher was the lifeguard and she waved and said hello.

When we got to class this morning, she said all the other lifeguards came up to her and asked her if she saw that little boy swimming and she was telling them that he's in her swim class and is very close to taking off on his own. She thought the knot in the noddle might have been the problem and suggested we try just putting the noodle under his arms and see what happens. We did and he took off. He went up and down the pool several times. He thrives on praise, so he was all smiles the whole time.

All the time, we're talking about the things Brady could be great at one day. Football, hockey, etc. I think we need to add swimming to the mix. His old teacher back in Michigan said he could be the next Michael Phelps. That makes me smile because I was a good swimmer when I was younger and one of my dreams was to swim in the Olympics. I was 18 the summer of the 2004 Athens games. Brady is much more slender than I ever was, so maybe there's hope for him. Being an Olympian would be a far greater accomplishment than playing college ball. He was born during the 2010 Vancouver Olympics, so maybe it's his destiny to one day compete. Who knows? It's so great that he has his whole life ahead of him and none of us have any idea what's in store for him ;)

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