Friday, June 3, 2011

Gymboree Play & Learn Level 4

First off, sorry the pic is so small, but I took it on my phone. Today was Brady's first time in Level 4 at Gymboree. Once again, he's the youngest in the class. It's very exciting because instead of the adult helping them do things, they're more independent. For example, in Level 3 at the start of class, we bounce them in a circle and then in towards each other. In the new level, they hold onto a colorful rope and move around themselves, then in towards each other, and finally stand on it and count to 5. I was so excited because at the beginning there's a song they sing at every level and it asks them to clap their hands (which Brady does), then to touch their toes. Today, Brady actually reached down and grabbed his toes! He's a champ at climbing up the ladders without support and is working on going down the stairs backwards. They keep the equipment the same for 2 weeks straight while working on a theme and in each level, they use the equipment differently. So instead of just climbing on things like in the last level, today Brady would get up there and do a task, like dropping a scarf or putting a bean bag in a hole. He also started waving his hand and saying "bye" for the first time! Big day for Brady.

Later, we were at the gym, so Brady was at daycare. I came back to get him and he was playing outside. One of the teachers told me that he just started crying and when he got him, Brady was a mess! He was all red in the face and trying to control his sobs. That teacher told me that Brady's favorite teacher had to use the restroom and that's when he lost it. It's so cute that he's starting to develop relationships with the caregivers and they always remember his name when we drop him off.

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  1. awww sweet Brady<3 I LOVE his name. Just in case I never told you! Reading this makes him seem so big!