Sunday, June 5, 2011

Pool Time & Another Bloody Mouth

Today was the first time we were able to make it to the outdoor pool at the YMCA. From Brady's reactions last week at the resort in Disney, we had a feeling it would be a hit. When we pulled up, he could see it and was pointing, trying to walk towards it. We had plans to work out first, so he would have to wait. When we picked him up at day care, he was excited. When he got out to the pool, he wanted in immediately. He was not deterred by the sprays of water and just walked right in. I was taking some pictures and Andy was in the water with him at first. He would lose his footing on the slopes and put his face in, but thanks to his conditioning at the Goldfish Swim School, he knew to keep his mouth closed instead of inhaling the water. He also likes to place his face in the water and blow bubbles (another thing he learned at Goldfish). I had put the camera away and met up with them in the pool. There is no way to stay dry with all the water coming from different directions. Andy walked with Brady to where the water was at his ankles and let go of his hand. He's not quite as vigilant as I am about watching him, and sure enough, Andy wasn't even watching as Brady ran back into the pool. Thank God I noticed because I got to him right as he lost his footing. He was not happy when it was time to leave.

Later, we were home eating dinner, and Brady was running around like crazy. He took a header into his small arm chair and hit it so hard that it made the wall behind it shake. At first we thought he was stunned and that's why he was crying, but then I saw the bloo
d. Of course, earlier in the week I told Brady that he was getting his pictures taken this week and therefore was forbidden to have any facial injuries. We thought the blood was coming from his lip, but because he was screaming, we could see his whole mouth and noticed it was coming from his upper gums. Poor kid really hit hard. It wasn't until later that I realized my shirt was covered in blood. All of this drama was forgotten when a summer storm came through and Andy realized he had left his car windows open and ran out to close them. Brady and I went out on the covered front porch to watch him and that's when we saw the marble-sized hail! I picked up a few pieces to let Brady play with because he loves ice.

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