Monday, June 13, 2011

Our New Doggie

Andy, Brady, and Buks were hanging out in the guest room because Brady likes to jump on the inflatable mattress and play with Buks's things. There was lots of giggling, but also some crying because Brady was being crabby. I heard later that he tried to eat some change and was not pleased when they pried it from his mouth. Good to know he's in good hands when I'm not the one watching him. When they emerged from the room, Brady was holding Buks's belt. He came up to me with it and I was playing around wrapping it around his waist. It was huge and every time I let go and he walked away, it would fall to the floor and he would get upset. I pulled it onto his waist again and then held onto the extra end. It looked like a leash and I stood up to see if he'd follow me. He loved it. He liked being behind me and in front of me and couldn't wait to show his dad. Of course, my dad's famous words of "you're going to jail" were ringing in my mind, but he enjoyed it and would get mad if we stopped.

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