Monday, June 27, 2011

Brady Taking Driver's Ed

Nana got Brady a Winnie the Pooh push car for Christmas and when we opened it up, he liked sitting in it for a few minutes, then would try to get out. There was a safety bar for young children, so on more than one occasion, he would tip it over while trying to get out. When we moved to SC, we kept it in his room and it was parked next to his crib. He liked to reach through the bars and play with the buttons so it would play music. We would constantly hear it on the monitor and know immediately that he was up. He started getting better at moving it himself, but would still get caught up on the safety bar when he wanted to get out. Sometimes, he would get his legs up so he could stand up on the seat, but not able to get down. We knew it was time to take the safety bar off so he could get on and off the seat by himself. This weekend, we finally got around to taking it off and moved it out into the living room so he could play with it whenever he wants. Since he moves from toy to toy all day long, he plays with it at least 5 or 6 times during the day. He likes when real cars beep their horns and when I ask him to get on his car and beep the horn, he does it and laughs. Before we know it, he will be turning 3 and getting his Power Wheels!

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