Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Ice Cream Social

Today, we got together at a park near Clemson with our MOMS Club here in Anderson. We were having an ice cream social. Brady had a hard time waiting for us to get ice cream because he saw the older kids playing on the playground and he wanted to join them. He liked his ice cream when he got it, though (like always). When he said that he was done, he was not happy when I finished it off for him, because every time I put the spoon in the cup, he thought I was trying to give it to him. Finally, it was time for him to play. There was a little section more geared towards toddlers and he was doing really well holding onto a rail and stepping up the steps without going on his hands and knees. I was really impressed. He climbed all the stairs to the slide and slid down. They had a little fake wooden town and he liked walking in and out of the pretend shops. Next was the swings. He has always liked swings and for a while back in Michigan, he would only nap in his swing. He was laughing out loud and smiling the whole time. It was really great to see him with kids that aren't around the same age as him. When we first moved here, it was funny to see the kids were 18 months to 2 years following and imitating the older kids. Today, Brady was one of those younger kids. He had a great time following around another little boy who is about 7 months older than him. They gave each other high-fives and even were on the swings next to each other. We happened to leave at the same time and Brady wanted to go in his car with him. He's such a social butterfly.

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