Monday, September 19, 2011

Brady's 1st Mets Game

I am a Pittsburgh girl, through and through, but there is one area of sports where I defect. I am not a Pirates baseball fan and proud of it. They are in the middle of their record-breaking 19th straight losing season (as long as my baby brother has been alive). My dad is from Queens and when it comes to New York, baseball is THE sport. That being said, I was raised a Mets fan and that has never changed my whole life. Pictured below is me before I was a year old in my walked cheering on my Mets. I remember going to my first Mets game at Three Rivers Stadium. It was a double header and we had amazing seats right behind home plate where my favorite Mets player, Mike Piazza, was the catcher.

I try to make it to about one Mets game a year, although I've never seen a game at Shea Stadium or new Citi Field. Until today, I had always seen them play the Pirates in Pittsburgh. The Pirates are always pulling stunts to put fans in the seats because they are trying to pay off the new stadium they built for a losing team. I remember seeing the one time and the stadium was packed because they were having a concert and fireworks after the game. The Pirates left the field and went to their locker rooms, while the entire Mets team stood in the dugout and watched the whole thing because in New York they don't need to do something like that to fill the stadium.

Last year was supposed to be Brady's first Mets game, but he came down with a cold the day before the game and it was the forecast called for rain. That meant he stayed home with my parents, while I went with my friend, Dunny. I was very glad I didn't take him to that game because it poured, the game ended up getting delayed, and when we were leaving, I slipped on the polished concreted
and landed flat. I shudder to think what would have happened if I had fallen with Brady in my arms.

This year, we live less than two hours from Atlanta, home of the Braves, who are one of two major divisional rivals for the Mets, so the
y play each other 6 times a year. We got to Turner Field right before the first pitch, grabbed some lunch, and took our seats. We hadn't taken Brady to a sports event since the Pens game in early April, so we weren't sure what to expect from him. I don't think we expected him to get restless so quickly. He lasted one, count it, one full inning. At this point, Andy decided to take him for a walk. He called me at the bottom of the 3rd inning and said there was a Cartoon Network play place for kids near the outfield and I should come check it out. I walked down there and Brady was having a blast. He was getting tired so we watched a little of the game from the outfield balcony. We left at the top of the 5th inning, when the game was tied 4-4. The Mets went on the win the game 7-5. For the Mets it doesn't mean much since they are out of the playoffs race, but they put a dent in the chances for the Braves to make the playoffs as a wild card.

Brady wanted to climb the giant baseball and got very upset when he realized that he couldn't.

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