Sunday, September 25, 2011

Brady Climbed Out of his Crib this Morning!

This morning Andy and I went in to get Brady out of his crib. He was in there playing and then decided he wanted a toy that was outside of his crib. He put his foot up on the edge and pulled up so that he would flip out. Luckily, he decided to do this for the first time while Andy and I were in the room. I immediately thought that we would have to convert the crib to a toddler bed. Andy put him back in the crib to see if he'd do it again and he did. Andy took off the front to make it into a toddler bed (something we thought we would never get to do since we're going to Germany and he will get a big boy bed when we get back). Brady was having a blast jumping in and out of bed and the freedom he had. We immediately started thinking about how we were going to keep him in there long enough to fall asleep because he can open doors now and we could just imagine him getting out while we were still asleep. We figured out how to lock his door from the outside (don't judge) to keep him safe.

When it came to nap time today, we put him in his room, asked him to lay down in his bed (which he promptly did), and then shut the door and locked it. We could hear him playing around and trying the door several times to get out. After about a half an hour, we could still hear him awake and playing, so we decided to check on him. We walked in and noticed that he'd emptied his entire contai
ner of wipes onto the floor. Of course, he would get into mischief! While he was in there, we were contemplating a crib tent, but they're not inexpensive, so Andy had the idea to take out the part of the crib that holds up the mattress, and to just put the mattress on the floor inside the crib frame. We did that and put Brady in it to test it out. We are happy to say that it's now impossible for him to climb out, but he now knows what freedom was like and wasn't so happy to see it taken away.

Trying to get out any way he can

Trying to climb out

Back in "jail"

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