Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Tech Savvy

We live in a very digital age. Our kids are now born into a world that is much different than the one we were born into. I was one of the fortunate kids with a dad who was very into computers, so we had one in our home since the time I was born. My dad still likes to tell people that I stuffed Cheerios into his hard drive ;) Andy was not so lucky. His dad is not very computer literate, so they didn't get a computer in their home until 1994 and Andy was 11. Brady is surrounded by technology and he knows it. There are studies that show that kids his age are better with technology than some adults.

He definitely has the hang of the iPhones and iPad. He knows there are apps on all of them that are just for him and he knows which ones they are from the pictures on the screen. He can get into the apps and always picks the right ones. His favorites are the ABC Elmo app, Baby's First TV, and Netflix. It has gotten to the point where if we even have one out, he will want it and scream until we give it to him. He will then only sit there and watch it instead of playing. This has led us to the decision that we hide our phones and iPad during the day. Yesterday was the first day and he made it to 7:30PM before he found one of our phones and it was all over. At that point in the evening it's alright because he's played all day and that's when we start to watch our evening shows that aren't geared for kids. Leap Frog just came out with a touch pad for kids with all learning apps, but it's for kids aged 4-9 so we'll have to wait a few years for that.

He can now climb up onto the computer chair and does any time someone leave the chair not pushed in. If the computer is off, he will click the mouse trying to turn it on. His favorite thing to do on the computer is watch videos of himself. He will laugh out loud at himself doing anything on video.

He's also very sneaky when it comes to the remote control. We keep it hidden, but he's figured out our hiding spot (behind those pillow's he's laying on above). When he gets it, he knows he's being sneaky and gets the biggest smile on his face. He pushes buttons and changes the channel, but can't get it back where he wants it.

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