Thursday, September 15, 2011

Crazy Brady after a Shower

Brady has taken a liking to taking a shower with Andy since he can't bear to be separated from him whenever he's home. We first had to take him in the shower in March when we traveled to Detroit because the hotel we stayed in didn't have a tub. He hated it then, but has grown to love them. Right after he's all washed up, Andy puts on his hooded towel and sets him loose. I can usually hear him coming. He'll come running into the living room with just the towel hanging on his head and sometimes likes to run and jump on the couches or play with toys. He has a great time running from us when we try to chase him to get him dressed. Everything's a game to him. On one particular day, he got onto his Pooh Bear car and started to ride. He couldn't leave his snacks behind, so he strategically placed them in his lap to cover himself up while he rode around. What a silly kid!

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