Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mall of Georgia

Since we left the Mets game in Atlanta early, we thought it would be a good idea to check out the Mall of Georgia on the way home. It's about 45 minutes outside of Atlanta and an hour from where we live. It's the largest mall in Georgia, and although it was impressive in size, it had nothing on the Somerset Collection mall in Troy, MI, which extends to both sides of the highway through a walkway.

We walked inside and happened to be right in the
center of all the children's stores and Old Navy, of course. I went into Old Navy (the largest one I've ever seen) and picked up a few items for fall. We then headed to the Disney Store, which had me really excited because they've recently decided to close half of the stores in existence, so they're harder to find. It's getting closer to Halloween, so they had all the costumes out. Brady was Winnie the Pooh for Halloween last year (we bought the costume before he was born), so we were very disappointed when we went in last year and they didn't have any good costumes. Brady already has his costume for this year, but I'm always on the lookout. We saw pirate costumes and they had a Jack Sparrow wig, so we thought it would be funny to put on Brady. He wasn't so amused (see pictures below). We did get him 2 shirts, a pant and shirt set, and a 3T costume that may or may not fit him next year. We send out Halloween picture cards each year, so we keep costumes a secret until those are sent out, so you will all have to wait until he fits into it to find out what it is ;) They were running a sale on stuffed animals (BOGO free), which is an amazing deal. I was instantly drawn to a stuffed Lightning McQueen because we are doing a Cars theme for Brady's birthday. The problem then came to pick another to get for free. Brady is in LOVE with puppies and has several stuffed ones, including Tramp from Nana Tramposch (get it?) ;) I spotted a stuffed Bolt and knew that was the one. Brady took a liking to him immediately and didn't want to give him up for the woman to check us out. He kept him with him in the stroller while we checked out the rest of the mall (pictured at the top).

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