Monday, August 15, 2011

"You Wanna Hit It?"

Andy's Uncle Buks loves to go to the Pizza Hut lunch buffet. Whenever he asks one of the boys if they want to go with him, he says, "You wanna hit it?" They know it's code for the buffet. We've gone with him several times in Pittsburgh before we moved and Andy's brother, Pat, always tells us when Buks asks him to go.

We have a Pizza Hut less than a mile from
our house, so we decided a while back that one day we would go to lunch there. Since it's only offered during the week, we would have to meet Andy there on his lunch break, something we only get to do occasionally now that we live in SC. Today was that day.

Brady usually doesn't get to see Andy until he gets home from work, so he was pleasantly surprised when he was there to meet us. Only problem was that whenever Andy tried to go up to the buffet, Brady would have a complete meltdown because he thought Andy was leaving. This meant I had to get Andy's food, which wasn't a big deal. Brady ate at least one piece of pizza and a good portion of a bread stick. He even ate some shredded cheese Andy brought ba
ck from the salad bar. It was really nice to get out and have a nice lunch as a family.

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