Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Nicole & Dusty Come Over for Dinner

Sunday evening, Andy's cousin, Nicole Trap, and her boyfriend, Dusty came over for dinner. It's really nice to have some family in the area. Nicole's dad and Andy's dad are 1st cousins and since that generation all stayed in Wash Pa where they were raised, Andy and Nicole grew up together. Andy made an amazing dinner of BBQ pork chops in the slow cooker, his famous red potatoes, and his infamous apple crisp for dessert. We haven't seen them since they babysat for us around our anniversary, so it was good to have them come over. Since football is getting ready to kick off, we imagine we will see a lot more of them when we get blacked out of Steelers games and have to go to a Steelers bar. Dusty is a Green Bay fan although he is from this area. The Super Bowl was interesting to say the least.

Dusty and Andy are very competitive when it comes to video game football. They play every time they get together. Andy is the type that HAS to win. Because of that, I always root for Dusty. He texted Andy the night before he came over and said that he wanted to leave our house with a 1-2 record and not 0-3 since he lost the first two matchups. Unfortunately, it wasn't in the cards for Dus
ty, although the games are never a blowout.

Brady was amusing himself playing with Nicole's flip flops. She would put his feet in them and he would shuffle around in them until they fell off. It was really funny and reminded me of when little girls try to w
alk around in their mom's high heels. He loved it and every time they fell off, he would bring them back to Nicole, sit in her lap, and let her put them back on.

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