Friday, August 26, 2011

Brady's 18 Month Stats

Brady is now 18 months, which classifies him officially as a toddler. Because he's been mobile for so long, we've been thinking of him as a toddler for months. When we were in Pittsburgh a month ago, my PopPop nicknamed him Road Runner. It's very appropriate because when he runs, his legs move so fast it's a blur and sometimes his body can't keep up with how fast his legs are moving and he falls flat.

Brady had his doctor's appointment this afternoon a
nd here is how he measured up:

Length: 32.5 inches (50th percentile)
Weight: 24lb 10oz (35th percentile)

His height is starting to tapper off and his weight i
s starting to get better, so he's becoming more proportionate. He still has only reached the bottom weight of most 12-18 month clothes, but I'm very happy with his progress. He gained 2lb 4oz in the last 3 months and that's the most he's gained between visits since between 9 and 12 months. At 15 months, he was in the 20th percentile for weight, so we're slowly improving.

Brady can now say the following words:

1. No
2. Uh oh
3. Done
4. Puppy
5. Dada
6. Mama
7. Book
8. Ball
9. Bye
10. Hi
11. Hey
12. Bad
13. Boy
14. Thank you
15. Baby
16. All
17. Gone
18. Yum
19. Bear
20. Bum bum
21. Football
22. Ok

He can correctly identify:

Body parts:

His male piece of anatomy

Colors: Purple


Monkey (can also make the sound)
Mickey Mouse
Scout (his learning puppy)
Pooh Bear
Gymbo the Clown


Sippy cup
High chair
His arm chair
His car
Stars (he opens and closes his hands to sign)
Remote control

He can also understand the following objects/comman

Diaper change
Time for bed
Hold hands
Bye bye
Eskimo kiss

Recently, he was watching an episode of Mickey M
ouse Clubhouse and they were asking the kids to identify numbers 1-5 on ducks. They had two ducks with different numbers and would ask them to find the one with the 1 on it, 2, etc. Brady correctly pointed to each correct number on the ducks, 1 thru 5. It was really cool.

Brady loves to dance and is obsessed with turnin
g on the ceiling fans in any room that he's in. He can turn them on using a wall switch as long as one of us lifts him up high enough. Because he can understand so many words and can identify many objects, when we ask him to bring us something, he will search until he finds it and then bring it to us. He can even distinguish the difference between my phone and Andy's.

He is super attached to Andy, to the point where when Andy gets home, Brady won't let him out of his sight. He follows him into the bedroom to change and even insists on being in the bathroom with him. This become pro
blematic when Andy is making dinner because Brady is constantly underfoot and it's dangerous with the stove and oven on. He hangs on the oven door handle and opens it, so he has to be placed into his gate when Andy is cooking for safety.

Brady's quickly learning to imitate our actions. He will pick up our phones and hold them up to his ear, then hand them over so we can talk. While staying at my parents' house a few weeks back, when he wanted to leave, h
e would pick up my mom's purse, sling it over his shoulder and say bye, while waving and heading to the door. He watches me brush my teeth and took one of my hairbrushes and tried to imitate brushing his teeth with it, but I had to catch him before he ended up with a mouthful of hair. When he gets up in the morning, he grabs the remote and brings it to me to turn on the TV. When a show comes to a close, he says bye, then grabs the remote to change the channel. He also uses the box of the Wii Fit as a briefcase and carries it around.

He's pretty good at letting us know what he wants. He will go up to the fridge and try to pull the handle when he wants a drink. He can sign "more" and "eat" and will let us know when he is hungry. He also tells us "done" when he's done and that's final. If we even try to get him to take one more bite, he gets very mad.

We got him a Leap Frog toy that's called My Pal Scout for Christmas and have brought it out in the last few months. It is a puppy that links up to the computer, so it knows Brady's name and favorite things and it talks to him. It also plays nighttime music, so he sleeps with it. When it's time for bed, he has a nice routine that he knows. He gets his pj's on, then goes out into the living room to find Scout, then gives each one of us a kiss. He immediately heads into his room and we put him in his crib.

His latest trick is Eskimo kisses and he loves them! He will climb up on us and rub his nose against our noses. It's too cute!

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  1. He's so grown up! He's not the baby I knew! But he's stinkin cute!