Monday, August 8, 2011

The Wave Pool & Ichiban

While we were in Pittsburgh, we thought it would be nice to go to the wave pool one day. It's pretty much the only public pool in the western part of Pittsburgh, so it's usually a mob scene. We had plans almost every single day we were home and when it came to the free day to hit the pool it was overcast with highs in the high 70s, which to us feels cold. We were going to lunch at Eat N Park and took our pool stuff in case it felt warm enough when we were done eating. It turned out that it was warm enough, even though it was still overcast. Because of this, it was probably the least crowded I've ever seen it there. This was really good for us because Brady wouldn't get knocked down by a never-ending wall of people in the water.

Brady loved the ocean, so we figured the wave pool would be a hit and we were right. The way it works is a bell rings signalling the start of the waves and then the wave cycle goes for about 15 minutes then it's calm for 15 minutes bef
ore it starts all over again. We happened to get to the water in the middle of a wave cycle. Brady was laughing hysterically and loving that he was getting knocked down by the waves. He would get up and go where they would hit him in the chest so he could get pushed down onto his belly. The only catch was that the floor is more slick than our normal pool, so when he would start to run, he would slip and fall down. When the waves stopped, he was not too happy about it and all he wanted to do was go out as far as he could. We figured he would stop when it got too high, but he wanted to keep going so he would be deep enough to swim. Crazy baby.

That night was also our last night before ou
r return to South Carolina, so we met my dad after work at Ichiban, a hibachi restaurant. This is a rare treat for us and it seems we go right before every move. We went right before leaving for Michigan (Brady at 5 months), before leaving for SC (11 months), and then again before we head back to SC (17 months). If we weren't so lucky with Bosch letting us stay in the same location for a whole year, with Andy switching positions 6 months in, we would be moving again right now. Hard to imagine, since we're already dreading the moving and packing process around Christmas. Brady was still finishing the last of his baby food the last time we went and he had only 1 tooth poking through. This time, he was more than ready to eat. We didn't get him a meal, since we usually get more food than we can eat. I forgot to tell the waitress that I wanted steamed rice instead of the fried rice they make on the hibachi until the chef was out, so there was an extra portion and he gave it to Brady. He ate the whole thing and wanted more! He was intrigued by the fire they do on the hibachi the last two times, but this time, he was a little more concerned. He didn't cry, but he was definitely moving back. All in all, a great trip home. We'll be heading back in October (by plane this time since it's cheaper with gas prices) and excited to see Pitt football in action!

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