Thursday, August 18, 2011

Family Portraits 2011

Every year (since last year), we get our family portraits done in August. Last year, Brady was 6 months and we did the formal shots in blue, then did Penn State and Pitt shots. This year, we went with seafoam green (anyone who's seen our wedding shots knows we like seafoam), and then did some solo shots of Brady in his Steelers gear. We have to be careful with the colors we choose because of Andy's coloring, so it's pretty safe to say I'll never put Andy in red, but if I wear red, I would put him in black. Brady did much better than the last shoot of him in the sailor suit. There was no crying and since we did the family shots first, he got comfortable. He did get a little crazy when it was just him and I swear he was going to tear the background down. Below, I'll put a few of this years pictures and some from last year to compare. The rest will be on Facebook tomorrow.

Last year's formal shot

Penn State

Pitt Family

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