Saturday, August 6, 2011

Phipps Conservatory

While we were in Pittsburgh, we decided that one day we would go into Oakland and visit Phipps Conservatory. It's situated between the campuses of Pitt and CMU and is somewhere that I've been going to since I was younger than Brady. It's beautiful even from the outside, so it was one of the many locations we used as the backdrop for our wedding pictures since it's a stone's throw from Heinz Chapel.

The theme this summer was sustainable gardens. T
his basically meant recycled items being used as part of the overall greenery. One of the most beautiful rooms had models dressed entirely out of greenery. There were so many cool rooms and the pictures speak for themselves.

Four years ago, the show was Gardens of Glass and it
featured all blown glass pieces depicting flowers. It was hands down the best show I've ever seen there and Phipps retained several pieces that are still inside the greenhouse. They're pictured below.

On the way home, we had quite a bit of trouble
because of roads closed for filming of The Dark Knight Rises. Bigelow Blvd in front of the Cathedral of Learning was completely closed off and filled with movie trailers. So we went another way that took us past Heinz Chapel and it was backed up and we noticed there were people and police everywhere. We looked and they had Fifth Ave closed off in front of the Mellon Institute (another wedding shoot location) and were filming! It was so cool and when my mom and I went to see Harry Potter the other night, we saw the first trailer and it was obvious they were still filming because there were no location shots. There was also a trailer for a movie called Abducted with Taylor Lautner that's also in Pittsburgh. Very cool.

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