Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Fun with Links

Most of you with kids know about the packages of links they sell to help you attach toys to car seats. It's been almost a year since Brady was in his carrier car seat where we would use them, but he still loves to play with them. He chews on them when he wants to teeth and then we play around with them. When my mom was visiting, he wanted her to put them on his wrists and wanted as many as we could fit them on. When he had several on each wrist, it reminded me of bangles when we were kids. Maybe he's channeling the 80s through us, who knows? The other day, Andy was messing around with him and thought it would be funny to hook them on his ears to make it look like earrings. He put up to three on each ear. It was funny to watch because Brady would pull one off, then want us to put it right back on. Who would have thought that baby toys would still be amusing, but they are.

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