Sunday, October 6, 2013

Weekend Fun in Pittsburgh

Two weeks ago we went home to Pittsburgh and we always try to pack in as much as we can while we're there.  Brady as always was excited to see his Nana and Dubby at the end of the long drive.  They always make sure to have fun things and treats for him.  My dad picked him up a pair of wax lips and Brady thought they were pretty cool.

Saturday, we went to the Pitt game where they played Virgina.  They won and it was cool because they had just launched a giant rubber ducky into the rivers the night before and you could see it from the stadium.

My brother, Alex, and his girlfriend, Lauren, had also gone to the game and we all had plans to head to the Hofbrauhaus afterwards for dinner because it was Oktoberfest.  Andy, Brady, and I have been in Munich and seen the original Hofbrauhaus, so we were excited at the prospect of getting some authentic German food.

Time for beer!

Can you see the size difference between my dad's and Alex's beers?  Dad got the small and the waitress teased him that it was the kiddie size.

We ordered a round of pretzels hoping they'd be like the ones in Germany.  They weren't even close to the ones Andy makes, so it was a bit of a disappointment.

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