Friday, October 18, 2013

Halloween Costume Reveal 2013

We are coming up on Brady's fourth Halloween and thus the fourth year we've sent out a card to our closest family and friends revealing the kids' costumes before we go public with them.  I had the ideas for the costumes for this year before Halloween last year.  I was set to find out the gender of baby #2 exactly one week before Halloween and I had already picked out the costumes for the kids in the event of either gender.  For two boys, I had shark costumes picked out and for a boy and a girl (if you haven't figured it out already) . . . Owls!  My obsession with owl began after this choice, so it may have even been a result of choosing these costumes and having a girl combined.  Andy wasn't too pleased initially when I told him of the theme, but I felt like I chose very gender distinctive owls for each kid.  Brady is more than happy with his costume and I think they're a hoot (pun intended)!  I have the next two years planned out already, so watch out world!

The card featured three pictures this year because it was near to impossible to get the kids to look and smile in the same picture (the only one in this blog that wasn't on the card was the top pic of the post).  They're both smiling in this one, and I think it's cute that Brady is beaming at his little sister. 

I was having a hard time keeping Izzie from crawling off the couch, so I decided to get individual shots against the wall in the hallway. 

Such a sweet little owl :)

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