Thursday, October 31, 2013

Izzie B's First Halloween!!!

Another first for Izzie!  This time it's her first Halloween.  This one is a fun first because they really get to dress up and be silly.  She doesn't get the excitement of candy and dressing up, but it's fun for us, and especially for Brady.  Yesterday I made sure to get a picture of her wearing her owl First Halloween sticker.  Brady always gets to wear them after we take the pictures and he thought it was hilarious that the owl on the sticker was wearing a witch costume, especially since he was going to dress up like an owl that night.

These types of pictures are getting harder and harder the more mobile she gets.

What I love to call "bum-bum pants."  This outfit was Brady's (man I love that they have the exact same season for clothes when it comes to stuff like this) and I have about 90% of all the bum bum pants Carters has made in the last three years.  

Even though she wears a few of her big brother's clothes, it doesn't mean we can't make them a little girly too.  She's wearing the same onesies, but this time with a headband and tutu made by yours truly.  

I love to match the kids.  I had bought this skeleton t-shirt for Brady on clearance last year, so when I saw a girl one super cheap, I snatched it up, so they could both be skeletons.

Izzie loves Brady and he loves her back, so when she crawls all over him, you can see he's very good natured about it.

When skeletons attack!

I love to put the kids side-by-side on things like first holidays, etc. because they are the same age for most things.  I thought this was great because they're wearing the exact same outfit on their first Halloweens.  I also thought it was great we had some pics of Brady with my PopPop since this is the first Halloween we've had without him.  He always called Brady his little Roadrunner, so maybe that will be a future Halloween idea, who knows?

Brady was beyond excited to go Trick-or-Treating last night.  Izzie was staying home with me to pass out candy, but of course in full costume.  Andy took Brady out and decided to wear his scary football player costume.  They went with the twin girls down the street and by the time they made it to my house, Andy handed me the mask because he said it was scaring kids.  I'm thinking next year, maybe we make it a whole family theme ;)

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