Saturday, October 26, 2013

Detroit Zoo Boo

Two weeks ago we went to the Detroit Zoo for their annual Zoo Boo.  Most zoos across the country do something like this and we've never been to one before.  Some neighbor friends of ours asked if we wanted to go with them and we said sure.  We knew Brady would have fun, especially going with his friends.  It starts in the evenings on weekends and we had a 7PM time slot.

 Izzie was just along for the ride.  The good thing was that her car seat straps kept her hood in place so she couldn't pull it off.

The kids got free glow sticks before we went into the Zoo. 

The girls love to fuss over Izzie.  Sophia was Ariel and she said that Izzie should be Ariel because she wouldn't have to wear a wig.  I was Ariel when I was 4 (only one year after the movie came out) and my mom used that spray hair color on me. 

All the kids in their costumes. 

The only animals they let you see are the in the reptile house which they make really spooky.  The kids loved it. 

All along the path, the kids hit treat stations and there were dozens of pumpkin displays like the one above.  They got really creative and some of them were truly impressive. 

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