Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Brady's Field Trip to Plymouth Orchards

Brady's first ever school field trip was to the apple orchard!  Since they're still so young, parents have to accompany their child on field trips and siblings have to stay home.  Brady was talking about going to the orchard for days before it was actually time to go.  When we got there, some of his friends said hi to him, but he was acting shy with me around.  One of the other moms mentioned that their little boy plays with Brady every day and we decided to hang out with them on the field trip.  His little buddy's name is Xander and he's pictured to the right of Brady above.

The kids got a little lesson on pollination before we headed out to the orchard.

Brady and Xander hanging out on the wagon ride.

Picking apples.

He made sure that I noticed it was a Ford tractor.  He's all about naming every make of cars.

Next stop - pumpkin picking!

Snack time!  Yummy donuts and apple cider.

The elusive Brady worm.

Brady is forever pretending to be a cat at home, so this was perfect for him.

I got into the fun as well.

Time for animals.

Checking out the tractor.

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