Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Seven Months Old - Izzie B

I remember when Brady was little, I couldn't wait for him to reach another month older.  With Izzie, they're coming so quickly that I'm getting whiplash!  I almost forgot to do her monthly owl sticker pic yesterday because I didn't even realize it was the 2nd and she was already a whole month older.  It's been a pretty tame month, but of course, Izzie is still growing and changing every single day!

It's been a pretty mild start to fall (with some days in the 80s and even 90s), but there have been a few days that fell into the 60s and we had to break out some warmer weather clothes.

The best part of any day is seeing her smile at me, simply because I'm her mommy and she knows nothing but love for me.

This past month she started eating solids.  It took a few weeks for her to get used to it, but she's now a very good eater.  She's currently having almost four tablespoons of rice cereal mixed with formula every morning and evening (she started with one tablespoon and wouldn't quite eat it all).

Mid-month, she started veggies in between her two cereal feedings.  So far she's had carrots, peas, green beans, and squash.  She gobbles these up as well.  She used to eat one cube (from the ice cube tray) and now eats two!

Now that we have the high chair upstairs, it's much easier to keep her contained when we need to.  If we need to eat or cook, she will sit in the chair with toys.  She also eats puffs so that keeps her content most times.

 Brady started school and that means that twice a week we have to get up at 7AM.  I'm not a morning person (Brady certainly is) and neither is Izzie apparently.  I fed her one morning and she fell asleep.  I was able to carry her downstairs full asleep and place her on the family room floor.  This has happened more than once.

Uncle Buks loves Tim Horton's and sent Izzie a teddy bear with a shirt that says I love Timbits.

 One of her favorite toys is the Thumper that Brady got for Easter.  It has a foot that thumps and she thinks that's hilarious.

She's been on the move for over a month now and is starting to pull up on things.  She's not quite got up to the coffee table, but if you sit on the ground, she'll pull up on your legs.

There are the occasional wipeouts still.

You can see her up on all fours in this pic.  She still doesn't crawl with her belly off the ground, but I bet by the end of the next month she will.  She's fully capable of getting from this position to sitting, though.

You'd think Brady gave her all of his old tips and tricks.  He used to crawl under there when he was a baby.

She got herself in by herself and out by herself.

She's smart and sneaky.  She loves to escape the carpeted family room onto the hardwood in the kitchen.  Andy put the carseat between the end table and the couch so she couldn't get out.  She went under the table and around.

There are two entries into the family room and one is too large to block off.  Andy piled up pillows to keep her in, but she crawled right over them.  If you catch her going for an exit, she squeals and goes faster.

 Brady is usually pretty good about playing with her.  One day I told him to give her some toys and he surrounded her with every toy she has.  She was not pleased at being boxed in.

Andy always says that the gender of the first child sets the tone.  You can see Izzie among the millions of cars in our house.  I guess if we'd had a girl first, we'd have dolls and princesses everywhere.

The kids hanging out with Andy in Brady's bed on a lazy Sunday morning.

 More cute owl clothes.  I can't help myself.

In August, I decided to start a small hobby business, named Izzie B Boutique (link on the right side of the blog).  I was seeing how I could easily spend a small fortune on accessories for Izzie and decided it would be easier to make them myself and sell a few to help pay for the hobby.  So far it's starting small, but doing well.  Above she is wearing one of the ones I made that matches several of her outfits.

Remember how she hated the swing, which was such a stark contrast to Brady as a baby?  Well, most days she wakes up from her mid-day nap way too earlier and is so tired and cranky still.  I plop her into the swing with music and she passes right back out.  Yesterday she fell asleep leaning forward which so reminded me of finding Brady like that many days when he was little.

 She's got a bit of a cold, but Brady was very helpful at getting her to smile for her owl sticker pics.

 No weight check this month, but she's seeming to slim out a bit with the constant motoring around and eating solids.  We moved her back into size 2 diapers to help prevent the almost daily blowouts in the size 3's and that seems to do the trick.  She has moved into most of her 6-9 and 6-12 month clothes, ready for fall and winter.

Deciding mid-photo shoot to browse the movie collection.

The comparison from months one to seven! 

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